Human- most dominant race.

Dwarves- The dwarves have mostly taken to their strongholds buried deep within the various mountains through out the world. With that said, there are many dwarves that love to explore the wider world.

Silvan or Common Elves- These elves are not pure of pure elven descent. They are fairly rare and scattered throughout the world. They have no kingdom, no lineage. Instead they struggle to fit in wherever they go.

Half-elves- Half-elves are not truly half elven. Instead, they most likely only have a diminutive amount of elven blood in their lineage. Most half-elves only have a true elf in their heritage dating back over 10,000 years when elves where much more common.

Halflings- Halflings are a true oddity of the world. They are most commonly found in Urban cities, though there are small rural communities through the world.

Drusil or High Elves- The Drusil elves once ruled the known world, but after the first Demonic Wars, they withdrew from the world. Almost all magic items draw their heritage from this ancient Elven civilization. Even though they haven’t been seen in over 10,000 years, some people still believe the Drusil are still around somewhere.


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