Arthas Frost

Human Fighter



Race- Human
Class- Fighter 3
Exp 2,260xp
Gold 18g
Background- Noble
Alignment- NG
Notable Items:
Personality Description- Noble, but does not place himself above others.
Brief History- Found by Bill in a Goblin prison. Fought our way out, leveled to 2. Met a Vandesian noble in the forest, continued on road to Buckland.

Skirmish #2- Started in Buckland, accepted an initiation task to escort Noble Drake with Bill. Ship was attached by Sahagan, unsalvagable, escaped with Bill and Drake in Longboat. Survived attack by giant octopus, reached land, found food and water. Started walking North along the beach looking for civilization.

Skirmish #3 8/29/2015
Started on the beach, hiked North to Sun???? Village. Encountered bandits on the road, killed them. Delivered Drake to family, received 150g reward. Family offered teleportation home in exchange for returning a lost shield. Went to graveyard to get shield, encountered Skeleton Minotaur, fought and ran back to town. Took a ship home, Arthas was inducted into the Condors. Began plotting revenge on Vandisians.

Skirmish #4 10/31/2015
Started in the Condor camp, decided to take on goal of toppling the Vandesian nobles from power, and in turn taking a portion of their wealth. Went with Bill, and our two rogues Dirk and OE, to Vandesia, posing as travelers looking for work as mercenaries. Set up at the Flailing Ale tavern, began gaining intel on the 5 major noble families and their roles in the city/state. Killed 4 tax collectors that were shaking down a family, learned about a man named Jack Owlen who we’ll need to follow up on. Came on a burning building, saved 1 man inside who is now our Wizard companion, and killed 5 Fire Imps inside, there were more waiting to fight us, but we escaped. No knowledge of how the fire started. Tried out for the Black Flame merc group, passed their test by killing 4 ogres. Now back at the Flailing Ale, awaiting word of our first paid assignment from the Black Flame.

Last Location – Flailing Ale Tavern


Arthas Frost

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