1 Fighter, 3 Barbarian


Race- Mountain Dwarf
Class- Fighter 1, Barbarian 3
Exp- 3160
Gold- 111
Background- Sailor
Alignment- CG
Notable Items- 1 Heal pot
Personality Description- Loyal Soldier
Brief History- Member of the Condors. Defended the fort with Goron against the first wave. The Condors were then abandoned and not fully paid. Goron and Bill found a secret/old-unused tunnel. They then scouted the tunnel and cleared the way as the Condors packed camp to abandon the fort and follow down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel Bill fell down a sink hole and unable to get back up Goron came down to help Bill find a way out, after he left a note for the Condors about his location. Goron and Bill found a ancient dwarf complex filled with goblins. Goron and Bill were fighting through the complex when a basilisk attacked the party from behind. Goron was turned to stone and is still in the complex. On the way out Bill found a human called Arthas and helped him to freedom from the goblins.
Arthas started his mission to join the Condors. His mission is to escort Drake a nobel north by boat. Bill was picked to help Arthas on this mission. After a small bar fight, they made it on the boat. The boat was attacked by Sahuagin. It sank. The group made it on a long boat. They were attacked by a giant octopus. Bill was almost taken under. After a few more days at sea, they made it to land with no more food. Currently Arthas had just found some food for the group to eat for the night.

Returned the ward to the town and in one piece. Tried to return a family shield to the wards family. After fighting a minotaur skeleton the group decided to leave the quest unfinished. The group made it back to the Condors by boat without issue. The Condors gave Bill & Arthas people to work with them in their new mission of finding a way to get revenge on the people who left them for dead. Bill’s new follower is called “OE” and is a Rogue.

The group of 4 made it into the city. On the first night when traveling back to the tavern to try to meet the recruiters for a merc group called the “Black Flame”, some tax collectors were seem shaking some people down. The group stopped and asked them to leave. They did not. The group killed them in the fight and save the family. After dealing with the tax collectors Bill and Arthas met the Black Flame and have a try-out set. The following night Arthas, O. E., and Bill find a building on fire. They go in to save the people inside. The fire was started by wizards and Fire Imps. After dealing with the fire imps the group could only save one of the people still inside the building. He joined the party. He is a wizard named Kotev Beedraw and is following Bill. The next day is the try-out day. Arthas and Bill, plus the two rogues, are taken by wagon with 3 others to deal with some Ogres. The others did not survive the ogres, but we were successful in killing them. The group is currently waiting for a job to come in. [The reason Bill and Arthas have joined the Black Flames is to find where the gold payments to the merch groups is coming from and stop them so the city will loose it’s merch army.]



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